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Color-Changing LED Outdoor Lights

Let Your Colors Shine with Our Outdoor Color-Changing LED Lights!

Turn to us for your landscape lighting installation in Foley, Alabama.

Want a little extra spice in your outdoor lighting? You’ve come to the right place! Set the mood with Alliance Outdoor Lighting’s color-changing LED lights. After our easy installation process, changing the ambiance of your space is just a tap away! With an app on your phone, you can make your outdoor space more inviting and easily express yourself.

The technology of color-changing lighting has improved the world of landscape design. There are many reasons our customers choose to install outdoor lighting, but we have summed it up to 3:


  1. Security: Warn off intruders by brightening the darks areas of your home and feel safer at night!
  2. Beauty: Create a head-turning vibe with our colored lights and highlight the best parts of your home!
  3. Curb Appeal: Let our LED lights illuminate your unique landscape that will allow your house to stand out on block!

Alliance takes pride in manufacturing solid brass fixtures, intelligent transformers, and LED lamps with the widest operating voltage range in the industry.

Ready to jazz up your space?

Want the best in outdoor lighting? Reach out TODAY! If you want a licensed and insured company to install your new landscape lighting, we can't wait to help you light up your lawn!